During 2020 IFSM Fashion WeekLA, feature sneak preview spring collections from  One of the top active sportswear “In Motion”  collective showcases during Los Angeles  fashion week !  IFSM Fashion WeekLA Fashion  Runway  launching its show in the  Spring  of  2020 Collections of an elite group of emerging designers from across the world. This season’s designer collective has already been called ‘one of the best designer seasons’ in Emerging  history.

Now spin off from  IFSM supermodel Fashion Event, IFSM Fashion WeekLA Fashion Show is produced by IFSM Fashion Production & Hope  will continue providing a national platform for emerging designers to showcase their work. Many designer submissions are reviewed by a committee which selects (10) of the top designers to showcase during the fashion show.

2020 IFSM Fashion Weekla  Runway Held at Hollywood, Ca. .–Organize by IFSM Fashion Production  hosted an invitation-only event of over 300 guests which consisted of SuperModel Jin Ye. celebrities, fashion insiders, media, retail buyers and deal makers who came to see the newest trends and hottest newest designers. Guests were treated to a flourishing array of fashions which hit the runway consisting of fresh silhouettes from all over the world.

We make that happen!  IFSM collective fashion runway shows saves on show production expenses, such as venue, Fashion Models, lighting, stage coordinator, staffing and makeup crew. Its business model is about cost-efficiency, communal support – and signing up supportive  sponsors, who can reach IFSM’s trendsetting demographic of editors, Publicist, PR , bloggers and celebrities during the runway shows. Our shows are more cost effective for the individual fashion designers due to our collaborative environment and our globally recognized sponsor brands providing finance support,” says Jin Ye Supermodel & Liaison of IFSM Fashion WeekLA .

Throughout the IFSM Fashion WeekLA  Fashion Runway offer  industry networking dinners and strategic partnerships for sponsored exhibitions give the budding designers full access to top-tier press, retailers and industry deal makers  The IFSM Fashion Production  team  also provides a full suite of social media and public relations support.