Are you the hottest up-and-coming fashion talent? Seeking to take your business to the next level !

  A fashion industry event in Hollywood Ca. which allows veteran /emerging fashion designers, new brands, industry professionals or “up & comer ” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, these events let the industry know what’s “in” and…

cynna z headshot

2017 International SuperModel Committee announced today that Fashion Designer, Fashion Designer Cynna Z. will become Judge of the 10th Annual International Fashion SuperModel World Grand Finale.

2017-2018  International SuperModel Committee announced  that Cynna Z. was invited to attend the 3rd annual Golden Film Award and also will become Judge of the 2017 International SuperModel Competition. Hollywood actor Jack Topalian, Fashion Designer , Miss Universe & SuperModel Jin Ye, are among those said to have been invited, together with Co-Vice Chair of…


美 国 亚 太 创 意 文 化 奖

美 国 亚 太 创 意 文 化

US Asia Pacific Innovation Cultural Awards

榮譽贊助 $30,000 RMB

1.. 给予榮譽贊助申邀函 *

2.邀请进入美国亚太时尚创意文化组委会, 并且成为名誉顾问成员.*




6. 中英文新闻稿在美国35大新闻媒体发布


1-6 项目需其组委会认可

榮譽贊助 $30,000 RMB

1. 给予榮譽贊助申邀函*

2.邀请进入美国亚太时尚创意文化组委会, 并且成为名誉顾问成员.*

3. 提名美国亚太时尚创意文化组委会颁发特殊成就證書.*

4. 获邀安排您的作品或在您的个人照片印 在真正的美国邮票(140个邮票),可作为鉴赏收藏,也可以作为普通邮票一般邮寄*

5. 中英文新闻稿在美国35大新闻媒体发布

*上述1-4 所有项目需要贊助人提交姓名,简历和作品, 图像.

* 上述 4 项目,可以协助安排申请, 并需根据有关方审查认可.