We are pleased to announce that IFSM Fashion WeekLA is taking a giant leap again IFSM fashion runway showcase your favorite designers at Exchange LA Los Angeles, Ca. on March 26 , 2019

Since 2008 IFSM  fashion runway show, IFSM Fashion Production brings another amazing event ( IFSM Fashion Weekla Runway Launch party ) of unparalleled success at OHM, Hollywood, Ca., we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities. This year, you will still see your favorite elements of Fashion Show: a world class production , the hottest up-and-coming designers, and an exclusive slice of the LA’s fashionable elite. Our mission of multicultural arts promotion, ethnic diversity, and positive image remain strong, and we are proud to continue our popular up & Comer fashion designer enchantment program.

The event will feature an alluring red carpet reception, fashion brands Duchente, One World Peace, JJ Lux Rave, Maeknit, Puala Marie , Maison H, Queenie Yumokogi, IFSM Kids … and live entertainment and celebrities appearances.

This year 2019, we are confident that the IFSM Fashion WeekLA will bring an exchange of perspectives and experience among fashion designers, celebrities, artists, performers and fashion models , will make the IFSM International Fashion Runway show a world-class event, worthy of the highest esteem and the greatest anticipation, and support.

With a new year, IFSM Fashion Runway Show will also be making some changes. The production has been revamped to make every seat feel like a front row seat. With the joint effect support from IFSM Fashion SuperModel Competition , IFSM Fashion WeekLA Runway Show is happy to open modeling opportunities and volunteer positions to the IFSM Fashion Weekla

We look forward to continuing our great relationships with sponsors, designers, press, and all of our fans—and with only 10 days until show time, our staff has kicked into full gear.

For more information, please visit www.ifsmfashionweek.com

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